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Whether you are in debt, living paycheck to paycheck or simply feeling behind schedule on your savings and retirement dreams, Deepak Soni’s – ‘How to Become a Money Magnet’ is the perfect solution to all your money worries.

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  • Set Your Financial Goals - The P.E.G (Personally Exciting Goal)

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Most of us spend our whole life saving up for retirement and craving financial success without achieving it and not knowing why.

Despite working hard, we fail to build a strong financial future and lack the knowledge of how to turn things around in our favour.

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Believe it or not, your income or the economy has nothing to do with your money problems.

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All of us are born with an internal MONEY BLUEPRINT that works within us every minute of the day and shapes our financial future. It is this blueprint which decides whether you will attain financial security or spend the rest of your life struggling to gain wealth.

To change your money situation, you’ve got to ALTER your self-limiting money blueprint. Deepak Soni can teach you how.

His workshops, books and talks on attaining financial freedom will open your eyes to what is holding you back from turning your money dreams into a reality.

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“Deepak has truly changed my way of thinking about money. My bank accounts don't scare me anymore. I highly recommend Deepak's program for anyone who wants to attain a complete financial freedom.”

Lalit Dhingra

(Director , Dhingra Buildwell)

“Deepak has changed my whole perception of money. He helps you create a mindset that would revolutionize how you see financial opportunities and what you can do to change your financial future.”

Anil Mitra

(Director, Mitras Technocrafts)

“Deepak is not just a financial adviser with down to earth advice in taking control of your money. He is also a great friend who truly cares about helping people with a kind heart.”

Deepak Chauhan

(Director, MLC Jewels)


How to Become a Money Magnet!

People from all walks of life have experienced changes in their financial lives by applying these systems.

In this seminar, you will discover how to:

  • Achieve financial freedom by first calculating your freedom number and then creating an actionable plan to to turn your financial dreams into a reality.
  • Apply the money rules the rich and successful people follow to accelerate your wealth.
  • Identify your unconscious conditioning about money.
  • Reset your "financial thermostat" to a higher level of wealth and achievement.
  • Win the "money game" and get on the path to financial security.
  • Master the essence of money and relationships with your spouse, business associates and kids.

Meet Deepak Soni — Your Money Making Coach

Deepak Soni is a renowned Money Coach and a seasoned Serial Entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in running a series of successful business enterprises.

His strong business acumen, enviable understanding of the financial sector and ability to lead from the front has contributed to him bagging several high-value strategic International deals for his long list of clients.

With the launch of his immensely popular and life-changing Program - ‘Become a Money Magnet’, Deepak is now bringing his money skills closer home by helping people unleash their true potential.

His practical tips and advice is revolutionizing the way people all across India approach their financial goals and attain financial freedom without spending sleepless nights.

“Deepak's advice makes so much sense and it has now moved me in the right financial direction. No matter what your income, education, stage of life is, his plans are easy to follow and would help you live a "worry less" life.”

Ravi Monga

(Asian Water Technology)

“Loved the way Deepak helped me prepare a financial roadmap and put my money work for me. His "Become a Money Magnet" program helped me move smoothly on the path of financial security. ”

Ashootosh Kant

(Director, One Card Solution)

“Deepak's advice really worked for me. I can say with full conviction that if you follow his advice and guidelines to a tee it will change your financial life forever. I am saying this from my personal experience.”

Pankaj Bengani

(Centronics & Chhavi)